Femtosecond fiber laser

Based on all-fiber module design, maximum power > 20W, pulse width < 100FS, with high beam quality, high reliability and stability
Material processing
Brittle material processing
Semiconductor industry application
Material micromachining applications
3C Industry application
Scientific research
Ultrafast spectroscopy
Terahertz imaging
Laser detection and ranging
Material micromachining applications
Life sciences and
Medical applications
Biological imaging applications
Medical surgical application
Biotechnology processing
Medical device processing
Technical support
Femtosecond laser pulse width < 150FS, higher pulse energy, more stable performance, to the leading level.
Quality assurance
More reliability testing for better.

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We have our own patented high performance femtosecond laser, which speeds up the industrial application of ultra-fast laser and achieves the technological breakthrough of ultra-precision machining performance.
We specialize in ultra-fast laser, committed to serving ultra-fast laser related scientific research and industrial fields as their own duty!
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